Butt chicken

Yes, I wish I had not done this freehand so that I could erase that line right there in the middle. 

Not all sketches look good after all, I guess… This one is funny looking.

A study of coffee

I really loved this engraved/cartoonish style from that reference I used yesterday, so I used it again.

I will continue studying this style this week, and later I will try to create my own art using it.

Ice cream and Popsicles

Yesterday I drew a little hamburger late at night for the sake of the challenge. Today I had more time, so I played around with my watercolors.

As usual, sorry for the lousy photo.

I had a lot of fun, as I always do, with watercolor, but I know I still need to learn the proper techniques.

It is on my to-do list.

What’s next?

Just a little doodling today…

These are food items from a few pins I saved.

Guess what the next challenge will be about?

Yes, indeed.


But, just to be clear, no weekends this time.

The last day

Well, it has now been 30 days since I started drawing plants for the challenge, and I must say… while I learned A LOT, I think it is time to change the subject.

Don’t get me wrong, I will be drawing plants for the rest of my life, they are my passion, but I have a whole list of themes planned out for the next challenges.

And by the way, if anybody is listening, I would love to get some suggestions!

To conclude, here is the last sketch of the last day, a gift for a dear friend of mine. We call these fruits pitangas (you might remember them from Some line work).

I used pencil, watercolors and ink. It is supposed to look “sketchy”.


There is this game I love, it is called The Legend of Mana. In this game there is a cactus.

His name is Li’l Cactus, and he is a shy little cactus.

“He is a cactus of few words, but he happens to be thinking about many things.”

lil Cactus 2
He likes to be told stories, and then write them down on his diary.