Winnie the Pooh

Do you have cozy memories from childhood stories? I have quite a few. They made very strong impressions on me.

So when I decided to merge yet another two Inktober prompts, namely “exhausted” and “drooling”, a certain silly bear popped into my head.

I like the classic style better than the Disney one, obviously.

It was much harder than I had anticipated to get his head into the right shape!

Who knew?

I know he is drooling honey all over the place, but I don’t know if he is exhausted… he can never have enough honey after all.

A tribute to my favorite game franchise

Which is of course Final Fantasy.

What does that have to do with Inktober, you might wonder? And the answer to that would be prompts number 4 and 5 : spell and chicken, respectively.

My dear little Chocobo IS NOT A CHICKEN, though “spell” had me thinking of games, and one thing lead to another.


That is a Chocobo chick being affectionately approached by Vivi, a black mage from FF IX. Am I getting too geeky? That is a mage and a cute bird. There.

I have to say I am happy about how I managed to capture the characters, however the shading (if any can be found) is not what I wanted. I need to put the shading there beforehand with the pencil to make it clearer for me when I start to ink.

More negative space this time as well.

I will try to keep that in mind from now on.

Third day of Inktober

This one was titled “roasted”.

First thing that came to mind was a chicken, but since mushrooms are so much better, that’s what I went for.


I have been trying to improve my values, but I still think some are missing… Need to work on that scale from white to black.

I have also been playing around with negative space.

Anyways, this one got me hungry.


The second prompt for this year’s Inktober is “tranquil”, and, don’t ask me why, it made think of bridges.

I looked into some reference photos and this is what I decided on creating.

It does not look like a bridge that would make you tranquil at all, though…

I guess the feeling got lost in the translation.

It was fun to make nonetheless, specially the “fading into the distance” part.

Well, hello October!

And we all know what October means… So let’s get started!

The first prompt of this year’s Inktober is “poisonous”.

If you are like me and watched a whole lot of Disney movies growing up then you’re thinking what I’m thinking…

…were you thinking of a poisoned apple?

It was very challenging and rewarding giving this whole smoke thing a try. It is kind of addictive, the way the lines move. Must keep coming back to this theme.

This photo is a little better, so go ahead and zoom in if you’d like to.

Get ready for more drawings coming up! Though I am already behind on the challenge I will make sure to catch up soon.

Who needs contrast, anyway?

This is an old sketch that was unfinished in my sketchbook, and as I was flipping through the pages today I happened to notice it.

I do not like unfinished things.

Although it was not a very good composition to start with, I decided to go along with it just for the sake of experimenting. I must say that it really needed to have been thought through a bit more in itsĀ  early stages.

There is a lot going on in there.

Who cares though? It is just a sketch. And it showed me I need to study leaves, because I did not like a single one a put in this drawing. Flowers are somehow easier to conjure up.

Well, it is done and it gave me some EXP points to boost (yeah, I’m a nerd).

Berries, on the other hand, are awesome… Must draw them more often.


Day 14 – Texture

Yes, the last drawing!

This one was about choosing any texture we were interested in and using it in our art in some form. Mine I found on Pinterest, as usual, and it was a picture of tons of mushrooms and their underside.

Isn’t it interesting how the eye dances around the curves?

Wow, this challenge was just great for me. It made me explore a million possibilities I never would have normally, and it made me relax while drawing, which is not always easy as I am accustomed to being precious with the details and terrified of making mistakes.

One more time!

I guess this challenged forced me to accept and deal with my mistakes, as they are an inevitable part of the creative process.

So yeah, great times!

Day 13 – Take 2

Today’s prompt was named that way because we were supposed to choose elements from two previous drawings to merge into this next piece. I chose the loose traces of my Thread drawing and the absolute contrast of the Cloud-watching one.

I did it in ink with Uni Pin fineliners in the details but using a brush for the wider areas.

My inspiration for this piece was the work of Brenda Erickson, her moon pieces are just glorious.

It was a long process but time flew while I did the repetitive patterns.

And just one more, because I like it a lot:


Now just one more to go!

Day 12 – Structure

“That is it, structure. Just think about it and draw something.”

Well, okay then.

How cute is it?

This one was inspired by our last trip, to the Netherlands. I’ve had this on my mind for a while, but never got around to it.

A little closer look.

Very therapeutic, drawing details. A type of meditation almost.

Now, on to the next one!