Computer skills update

I have a million things to learn how to do in Adobe Illustrator, but for now, while my style is still quite clean and basic, the pen tool does the trick.

This is the first one of the ladies-in-a-weird-pose duo

I can’t reproduce the trace of a real ink pen with vectors, but it is possible to get pretty close in terms of shapes and line work.

Next is the lady facing forward! Then the duo will be complete.


Drawing trees

In class today I practiced drawing trees. I have been taking drawing lessons for two weeks now, two hours a week, and today we studied trees, their shapes and textures.

This was the first one.

I used to be quite bored when drawing trees in the past, not really knowing how to capture what I had in mind.

This was the second one, and kind of my favorite.

I must say, how things have changed in such a short time!


These are just practice sketches, of course.


But they were ground breaking for me.


Now things are starting to get interesting.


Hi everyone, maybe it is time to actually get a move on and start this end-of-the-year challenge!

My friend asked me for something she could practice her embroidery on, and she wanted this design:


I think she found this on Pinterest, and I don’t know who made it, but here I saw an opportunity to clean up the spiderwebs on my poor abandoned Illustrator.

Now, this is what I made using the pencil tool to create the basic shapes, then the pen and the selection tools to get things in the right angles:

Asset 5@4x-100
Gotta love this old school style!

Again, this is not my design, I just used it for practice.



Monstera deliciosa is known as the Swiss Cheese Plant, and my friend asked me to do an illustration featuring the beautiful perforated leaves of this plant.

I got a little carried away, and ended up with something different from what both her and I expected.

This was my draft:


And then I transfered the design to another paper, so here are the twins:


And here is the final art, before framing:



And here is the framed piece, which I gave to my friend today:


As you can see, I was influenced by art nouveau, but applied less detail than that style normally has. I also used a photograph I found on Pinterest as reference for the woman, because anatomy is quite complicated.


In Brazil, November 20th is the day of black awareness.

I am not going to talk about prejudice and injustice, though every one should think about that everyday.

I just want to post a sketch of a woman. That’s it.



Bleeding flowers

Just something I worked on today… I have been told my “hands” are getting better, which is always a very nice complement.

I hope my photos are getting better too…

This piece is about letting yourself be what you are, letting your own nature bloom and flourish and take over. We all need to be more sensitive and forgiving with ourselves. It pays off to gently tend to your inner workings until the pieces fall into place and it all comes together.

Framed art


Since the last week of October until recently I paused my drawings in order to go back to writing my book (yes, I am writing a book). 

Then I received a few requests from my friends, and the first one was ready this Tuesday. I had it framed and finally gave it to my friend today.

The other one I will post as soon as I manage to give it to my other friend.

As for the November challenge , I am working on my Adobe Illustrator skills.

We will see what comes around…


I had this piece in my mind for some time now, but originally it was made up of Converse sneakers only.

Since I have started a collaboration with a dear friend of mine in which I illustrate and she does embroidery, this piece transformed to adapt to an embroidery hoop.


I kind of love it.

I need a white pen as soon as possible

Guess how long this one took me to finish inking? I don’t really know, actually.

I just wish I could do the details a little finer, but I did not find a white pen when I went shopping for supplies yesterday.

Never mind, I have other projects now, things are pilling up somehow…