The icon

The icon is a ten-pointed star the color of wheat, or whatever grain is nearly golden when ripe for harvest. I did it in Ai as well.


Só os fortes entenderão.

And now the real challenge: the avatar.


Updating logo

Because I’m a restless soul, and a helpless perfectionist.

Besides, it occurred to me that it didn’t quite look like a heart before… It is a little better with a few veins and a closer shape to that of the real thing.


Now, moving on to the icon…


The logo

Ok, first task accomplished: creating a logo for this page.

I might change my mind later, but the point was to get it done today.

My idea was a crystal heart, as in a heart made of crystal, or a bundle of crystals in the form of a heart – the anatomical one, not the cartoon one.

I googled “crystals” and used photos of real quartz formations as inspiration.  Here is the image I mostly used, and the logo itself, which I made in Adobe Illustrator.



This photo is from this site (, not mine.

This logo is mine, though:


Took me a few hours, because I have been using Ai (Adobe Illustrator) for less than a month. Or maybe I’m just a really slow worker…

Anyways, next challenges in wait: draw up an icon under the same theme as the crystal heart, and create my avatar.

First blog post ever

So, here I am.

Lets clarify this right now before any heartbreak happens: I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m here to figure it out. Hopefully.

This blog is an experiment. It is a place for tantrums, closure and potential energy. But most of all, it is a place for evolution.

I am trying to make a commitment, a promise to the universe, that I am going to write. That I am going to draw. And see what happens then.

ps.: I am keeping the setting sun, ’cause why not?