Caught a cold

I spent the day in bed today feeling, well, bad. Still, the show must go on, so here are the doodles I managed to do since Saturday.

Better than nothing, I’d say.

Study of plant pots in Illustrator

Well, it turned out botanical after all.

It had been a while since I last used AI to do something so here it is.

It is not my design, just my interpretation.

This is me trying to figure out what I am able to do in AI. I’m also looking for my own personal style while studying the work of artists I like.

This is the original:


I will try doing the other plants next chance I get.

The 17th day

The challenge goes on.

prickly doodles_1

Those little colored leaves over there are my plants from yesterday, because I did not have the time to do much more than that.

prickly doodles_2

I learned how to do these cacti and succulents today through a Skillshare class on botanical doodles, taught by Peggy Dean (same teacher from the class I took for those flower and wreath doodles from before).

I might post more drawings here later today, though I can’t guarantee they will be botanical.

A study of a lady with leaves

You know that moment when you regret adding something to your drawing? That “oh shit, should have left it the way it was” moment? Yeah. This is all part of my “color rehab”, only it still has a long long way to go…

lady.jpgThe above drawing is my version of this image I found, again, on Pinterest:


Study of tiny flowers

Today I decided to draw some beautiful flowers I had found on Pinterest.


Here are the ones I made from looking at that pin.


flower doodles color_1flower doodles color_2

I did not know how big they were going to get on the page, and ended up having to divide them between two pages. Lots of negative space, sure, but this was just a study after all.



Here is today’s plant drawing! It is a nymphea flower (Nymphaeaceae).


The weekend was not very productive, but I did a little doodle here and there just to keep the challenge going. They are quite ridiculous since I did them on a rush.

The hearts were fun to do, though the pencil plants on the right are the ones from the challenge during the weekend.

Totoro study

There is something very important you need to know about me: I am a Studio Ghibli fan, and a Hayao Miyazaki fan, and I like animes.

Now, this is not my design, I don’t know who made the original one I found online, but I wanted to try doing it on AI.

That’s the one I made in AI.

And this is the original art.

Cute as can be.