Quick sketch of goodies

Who doesn’t love burguers? Specially artesanal ones. This design is from @peta.heffernan, same artist from those previous posts… (Tea just before bed; Not 100% yet, but getting there).


Tea just before bed

Today was a day for writing, so I did this drawing quickly between one thing and the other. It is a design from an artist I studied previously (Not 100% yet, but getting there), @peta.heffernan on Instagram.

Very cute!

By the way, I love tea.

My favorite is probably chamomile with vanilla and honey.

Bon Odori leftovers

I didn’t get the time to post this yesterday, because I was there at the festival. It was wonderful, as always.

I did these sketches there, in the midst of all the music, food and people dressed as anime characters.

Lamen goodness

I started this sketch yesterday and finished it today, and I must say… looking at my reference while drawing got me really hungry.

This challenge makes me hungry every time…

Does anybody else crave for lamen???

PS.: Here is my reference. I don’t know who took the photo (got it from Google):


Butt chicken

Yes, I wish I had not done this freehand so that I could erase that line right there in the middle. 

Not all sketches look good after all, I guess… This one is funny looking.