Day 2 – Cloud-watching

You know that thing we do when we are looking up at the clouds and we see shapes in them? I always look for dragons, but, alas, this time I found a frog.

First we were supposed to draw a formless something, no object in mind, just letting the hand move freely on the paper…

Then we had to make an illustration out of it. First I thought it resembled smoke coming off a cup of tea, but immediately decided against it. Too boring. That’s when the frog appeared.

And then I was so relaxed I actually thought to myself “I could totally write ‘frog’ over there” and yeah…

This challenge is all about living with your mistakes and learning from them, or turning them into something else, so I guess it is okay to have tried writing on it, but I definitely will not be doing that again without planning it through…

That is when I went back and tried to do things differently.

Now I have no clue if it is better like this or not, I was just aiming to erase that “mistake” and this is the result.

This is very far away from my comfort zone, which might mean that this whole experiment was a success in the end.

See you tomorrow!


A fresh new challenge

So, I am a student in the Skillshare platform and this week I decided to start a 14-day challenge proposed by one of the teachers there, Marie-Noëlle Wurm. This might be just what I need to explore my creativity and try to find my style, somewhere in there.

It might seem like I set the table to take this picture, but it was actually exactly like this when I finished the drawing…

The prompt of the first day is “Journey”. Well, that got my mind going in a million different directions, but suddenly I had this image of walking and leaving something good behind as I went forward, and then I knew where to start. I used a photo reference for the legs (because human figure is… hard, lets leave it at that for now, lots of practice hours still needed).

Tomorrow I will find out the next prompt!

“The land owns you”

I made this artwork for my friend. She asked me for something symbolizing her travels, and nature, and a cozy peaceful feeling, so this is where I arrived at.


This is Mount of Pai Inácio (Morro do Pai Inácio), in Bahia, Brazil. It is one of the many iconic places of Chapada Diamantina, a National Park of magical landscapes and wildlife. I could go on about all its diversity and the importance of preserving its ecosystems but I don’t need to state the obvious, all you have to do is look at the photographs. You’ll only truly understand that, however, if you hike the forest trails and bathe in the waterfall basins you’ll find there.

I did this in 200g A4 paper with ink (Uni Pin Fine Line).

The plants I drew are native plants, and the mandala I did inspired by petals, as you can guess.


Note that I kept the phone tower that is actually there at the start of the climb.

Now my friend will always have this piece of her heart to look at, whether she decides to live there in Chapada Diamantina or anywhere else in the world. Home is where the heart is.

My friend framed it and then we all tried to take this photograph. There is nothing quite like team work!

The study of a sketch

The original sketch was done by Joerg Asselborn, a graphic designer whose urban sketches fascinated me. I have been struggling with watercolors for months now and in trying to understand how he created this artwork I felt that I had improved my skills, even if just to practice with someone else’s art.

This was done in watercolor paper (300g) using ink and watercolors.

Some people have asked me why do I keep copying other artists’ work, or why can’t I create my own art. I think those are really mean questions. Firstly, I will never copy someone’s work. That is a crime. I study the work of artists who inspire me, because I want to learn from them. I would never sell my sketches of their work. I publish my studies here explicitly saying which artwork is mine, and which is not. Secondly, I am a student, and a beginner, and I create at my own pace. So I will keep posting both studies and my own creations, please keep checking them out if you like them!



Once upon a time there lived a wonderful little kitty that charmed everyone that met her. Tapioca was her name, and she was made of blooming flowers. We who fell under her spell will never forget her.

This was done with 2B and 6B pencils.

This was a sketch for a tattoo, and it was very humbling to make. Such a privilege to make art to be forever on someone’s skin. Even more so when it is such a beautiful tribute.

Fooling around pretending to draw the tattoo on her skin =)

My friend came to Brazil and got her tattoo done, leaving me honored, thrilled and excited to find out what other stories I might tell through my illustrations in the future.

We will see.

Just roll with it

This was a gift for a friend living abroad. She bakes and cooks and works hard. She has lived in different cities in different countries, she has met all sorts of people, and she has followed her heart. We never know what life is going to put in our path, but if you give it all you’ve got there should be no regrets.

This was done in ink on 14 x 20 cm 160g Canson paper
Illustration detail
We bought her a recycled wood frame, my friends and I.

So lettering, fun stuff. Though not my favorite type of illustration, it is challenging and full of possibilities. All you need to do is… roll with it?


Medieval town

This was a gift for my sister’s birthday, though what she said was that she might like something medieval and never specified exactly what that was… Then she told me she wanted a painting of a tree and I totally blocked that out, apparently.

Well, we are both very much geek and nerdy girls, so I knew there was little I could try out that would not remind her of some video game or another, therefore I wasn’t worried. In fact, I just did whatever came to mind, and given my “infatuation” with the wonderful style of @thisnorthernboy, which you might remember from this post on my Instagram, it turned out like a weird fused version of my style (whatever that is) and his.

Since that damn well gave me a hard time the paper was irrevocably marked and I had to transfer the drawing to another paper.

It is a very cute yet not an architecturally uniform little town. I thought it might need more shading here and there, but chickened out because there was already a lot of details going on and I didn’t want it to be too much, I don’t know.

So, yeah.

Watercolor and pencil

This beauty appeared in my Pinterest feed one day and I just new I had to paint this girl in watercolor.

As I am advancing in my studies I realize how hard it is to paint with watercolors in order to get the right effects and shading. If you water it too much it puddles, and if you water it too little it dries faster than you can apply more pigment and get any effect in there.

As in every single media there is, the more experience you have, the more confidence you have, and the more confidence you have, the better your strokes will be. Until then, one step at a time.

Here is the beautiful model, and here is my study of her: