Woman in weird pose

I spent the day with my friends and one of them asked for a portrait of a woman in a weird pose (two, actually, but today I only managed to sketch this one).

So I did it, and I thought it did look weird. We both liked it, and tomorrow I will do some flowers where there is pencil over her breast.


Some major inking today

I spent the day with my mom running errands so I did it between one thing and the other.

Please note this is not my design, I could not find out who the artist is. I discovered this art on Pinterest and saved it a long time ago.

It was challenging and really fun to do, I really do love the power of contrast the ink brings, it is quite beautiful.

This is the one I made by looking at the original on my phone
This is the original, from Pinterest


Today I decided to try watercolors again, only this time I used the pigments to color an ink drawing designed by @birduyen (see Instagram).

Coloring is a lot more instinctive then doing an entire piece with just watercolors, so I can manage it somewhat. I intend to improve on this in the near future.

This seems to be called “green tea”

Peach blossoms

Today I sat outside again and drew peach blossoms from a photo I found on Google. The style is inspired in the work of an artist I discovered recently, her name seems to be Mentat Gamze, and you can find her on Instagram.

I have been working on my compositions and trying to apply more contrast with ink, it really makes everything pop out of the paper, or as my friends tell me, ‘it feels like it was printed on paper, not drawn’.

The sun is coming down now, so I will be heading home.

See you tomorrow!

Drawing in the park

Today I came to the park to draw. I am trying to find a different routine, one that makes me more productive.

So here is one sketch I studied from another artist I found on Pinterest (I don’t know who it is from yet).


Weekends are challenging, there is no way around that. Things get out of hand easily and suddenly it’s 20h on the first day of Inktober.

This is just a quick sketch from @peta.heffernan that I loved… It has books and nature in it, so it is perfect for me.

Plans for October

Hello, how have you been?

I have been away in Alaska and just got back. I have to say the last days of the food challenge did not work very well due to my travel plans, but that’s okay. Life goes on.

October is coming now and I have a ton of things planned, so I will be working even more intensively than before. I have to find my own inner artist, and who knows how long it will take?

Everyone seems to agree it takes tons of practice, so that is what I plan to do until the end of the year. On January I will set new goals, having learned more at that point.

As for October, however, you must have heard about Inktober. All over the Internet, from all over the world, people post on-line one drawing a day during October.

So that is the plan, simple as that. We will see what happens.



I arrived in Anchorage, Alaska, on Friday. I am traveling with my husband, he is attending a conference here, and I tagged along.

So now I’m waiting for him at the McGinley’s pub, and I’m sketching from the menu.