Let’s get lost

My husband asked me for a wallpaper he could put on his desktop, and, though initially he said he wanted robots, eventually he decided on an astronaut.

I could only finish the draft today, but tomorrow I will cover it with ink and later I will do it in Illustrator.




I thought I would miss today’s drawing. 

But there I was watching Korean shows on Netflix (yeah, I love that stuff) and it occurred to me I could sketch a tsuru (which is a Japanese word, of course, not Korean).

So I looked up some photos on Google (because as much as I would love to, I don’t know how to do origami myself) and did the first one freehand with my uni pin fine line 0.2.

Then I did the second one. Then the third one. And then I thought they should not be left floating on the page, but hanging like in a mobile. And then I thought the composition was unbalanced and added the origami diamond.

And that’s it.

The delicate work of Visoth Kakvei

I follow a few artists on Instagram and this guy, @visothkakvei, is unbelievable. Please check out his work, it will blow your mind.

This is my study of one of his simplest sketches, and I had to cut some leaves out because it got really tricky as I went along with the original.

I tried doing it more or less the same size as the original, and it made me think I needed a pen tip thinner then the 0.05 I was using…

Painting stones

I am preparing a class in Skillshare, it is called “Painting stones: step by step tutorial”.

Today I went through my art supplies and tested a few things. I also painted this stone as a tiny house using acrylic paint and a black stabilo pen:


It takes a little time and patience but it is super fun to do.

Here you can see it from all sides on my Instagram: @lailacivatti



Flowers from a tattoo artist

Today I studied this design, which was created by @nathalybonilla (on Instagram).

I started drawing in the park this morning, and finished it in a Coffee shop in the afternoon, posting it when I got home. So it is not as exact as I would have wanted, but it was still fun to do. I loved the buds in the little branches, they are really cute.

Also, I got to use the compass again, and I might be getting addicted to it… It is like an enchanted artifact, producing perfect circles with ease… 

Yeah, I might do lots of circles from now on.

The power of drawing with a compass

Introspective people like myself tend to enjoy being alone to think and do whatever we want by ourselves. I live in my own little world at times like that, and the people who know me have seen me lose my focus during conversations because my mind decided to wander of somewhere else in the middle of it.

I also don’t like being constrained by expectations (I guess nobody does).

Don’t you just feel like being left in peace to do your thing without worrying about what other people might think of you? Yes, you do, of course.

So I wish people would just let me be. Let me dream my dreams. They are mine to dream. And if anyone wants to judge me, go ahead. I won’t be listening, I will be dancing to my own music.

moon girl


I looked up the prompts of this year’s Inktober challenge on the official site and it was “gigantic” for October 10th.

I tried to think of what to do with that and had a million different ideas and ended up googling for an hour before I decided to do something like this:

This skirt is a little messy, and the bubbles look like pokeballs, but it does look cute.


After sketching through the weekend and today’s morning I finished the ladies in weird poses that my friend asked me to do.

Next step will be to do them in Illustrator, but that is a job for tomorrow. I will be eating my lunch now.


Woman in weird pose

I spent the day with my friends and one of them asked for a portrait of a woman in a weird pose (two, actually, but today I only managed to sketch this one).

So I did it, and I thought it did look weird. We both liked it, and tomorrow I will do some flowers where there is pencil over her breast.