Bleeding flowers

Just something I worked on today… I have been told my “hands” are getting better, which is always a very nice complement.

I hope my photos are getting better too…

This piece is about letting yourself be what you are, letting your own nature bloom and flourish and take over. We all need to be more sensitive and forgiving with ourselves. It pays off to gently tend to your inner workings until the pieces fall into place and it all comes together.


Framed art


Since the last week of October until recently I paused my drawings in order to go back to writing my book (yes, I am writing a book). 

Then I received a few requests from my friends, and the first one was ready this Tuesday. I had it framed and finally gave it to my friend today.

The other one I will post as soon as I manage to give it to my other friend.

As for the November challenge , I am working on my Adobe Illustrator skills.

We will see what comes around…


I had this piece in my mind for some time now, but originally it was made up of Converse sneakers only.

Since I have started a collaboration with a dear friend of mine in which I illustrate and she does embroidery, this piece transformed to adapt to an embroidery hoop.


I kind of love it.

I need a white pen as soon as possible

Guess how long this one took me to finish inking? I don’t really know, actually.

I just wish I could do the details a little finer, but I did not find a white pen when I went shopping for supplies yesterday.

Never mind, I have other projects now, things are pilling up somehow…


Let’s get lost

My husband asked me for a wallpaper he could put on his desktop, and, though initially he said he wanted robots, eventually he decided on an astronaut.

I could only finish the draft today, but tomorrow I will cover it with ink and later I will do it in Illustrator.



I thought I would miss today’s drawing. 

But there I was watching Korean shows on Netflix (yeah, I love that stuff) and it occurred to me I could sketch a tsuru (which is a Japanese word, of course, not Korean).

So I looked up some photos on Google (because as much as I would love to, I don’t know how to do origami myself) and did the first one freehand with my uni pin fine line 0.2.

Then I did the second one. Then the third one. And then I thought they should not be left floating on the page, but hanging like in a mobile. And then I thought the composition was unbalanced and added the origami diamond.

And that’s it.

The delicate work of Visoth Kakvei

I follow a few artists on Instagram and this guy, @visothkakvei, is unbelievable. Please check out his work, it will blow your mind.

This is my study of one of his simplest sketches, and I had to cut some leaves out because it got really tricky as I went along with the original.

I tried doing it more or less the same size as the original, and it made me think I needed a pen tip thinner then the 0.05 I was using…

Painting stones

I am preparing a class in Skillshare, it is called “Painting stones: step by step tutorial”.

Today I went through my art supplies and tested a few things. I also painted this stone as a tiny house using acrylic paint and a black stabilo pen:


It takes a little time and patience but it is super fun to do.

Here you can see it from all sides on my Instagram: @lailacivatti



Flowers from a tattoo artist

Today I studied this design, which was created by @nathalybonilla (on Instagram).

I started drawing in the park this morning, and finished it in a Coffee shop in the afternoon, posting it when I got home. So it is not as exact as I would have wanted, but it was still fun to do. I loved the buds in the little branches, they are really cute.

Also, I got to use the compass again, and I might be getting addicted to it… It is like an enchanted artifact, producing perfect circles with ease… 

Yeah, I might do lots of circles from now on.